Dozens of Notre Dame Students Knelt For The National Anthem Saturday

first_imgA fan sitting in the stands dressed as Notre Dame's mascot.2 Nov 1996: The University of Notre Dame Leprachaun mascot leads the crowd during the Fighting Irish 54-27 win over Navy in Dublin, Ireland. Mandatory Credit: Billy Stickland/ALLSPORTThose at Notre Dame Stadium in time for the national anthem before the final Fighting Irish true home game against Florida State may have noticed something interesting in the student section.During the anthem, a group of about 80 students chose to kneel, echoing the NFL protests started by Colin Kaepernick two years ago.One student, Durrell Jackson, says he has been doing it since shortly after Kaepernick’s protest began during the 2016 preseason. Slowly, others have joined him, and this weekend, they got dozens more students to participate on short notice.“Our goal for this protest was to reframe it.”Why a group of Notre Dame students knelt during the national anthem:— Yahoo Sports (@YahooSports) November 13, 2018Jackson told Yahoo! Sports that Colin Kaepernick isn’t the only influence. The protest also stems from his faith, and a belief in social justice.From Eric Adelson’s write-up on the protest:“It’s a political issue and a faith issue,” Jackson said. “I’m a black Christian. I love life. I love my brother. I follow what Jesus had done and what he died for. Last time I checked, he died for others. [Racial inequality] is a problem that hit my faith and my politics. I have to go out there. I have to do this.”“We went in there, we all sat together as a group,” Jackson said. “We knew something big was happening, but we still did normal Notre Dame game stuff. We still were hype to see the players come out. We knew we were going to do something we felt in our heart was important. We all kneeled. We stood back up and we all looked at each other.”A recent local incident also served as inspiration. Earlier this month, video was released of police in nearby Elkhart, Ind. beating a handcuffed man in a police station, as first reported by ProPublica.Jackson said that he plans to continue the protests next year, even if he doesn’t get the same type of turnout as the Florida State game. It wouldn’t be too surprising if this continues to grow next fall, now that it is out there.[Yahoo! Sports]last_img