Bartomeu leaves headdress of the Board of Directors of Barça

first_imgSo that, One can speak of an official nature in the institutional crisis of Barça because even the closest members of the Board of Directors (Jordi Cardoner was until a few months ago the official dolphin and Rousaud was chosen to be now) reject the last movements of Bartomeu. Maria Teixidor, directive responsible for women’s football and secretary of the Assembly, would also be in favor of the electoral advance, which Bartomeu could be approached by the pressures she is receiving in recent days but, especially, by that malpractice confirmed in the mess of social networks.It would be the second time Bartomeu advances elections. He already did it in 2015, when he came out winner of the ordago after the triplet of Barça de Luis Enrique and the trident. Now, Bartomeu can no longer run for president, but his plan was to try to run out of office. It seemed that Bartomeu could quell the mood of lifting the Board, but the information that arrived during the afternoon was in the opposite direction. The termination of Masferrer’s position, which could have a point of cosmetic operation, does not resolve a crisis situation that still has a few chapters pending. Start the Game of Thrones in Barça. The informal board of directors that Josep Maria Bartomeu summoned for Friday leaves the president of Barça very touched. Even his closest begin to isolate him. Jordi Cardoner and Emili Rousaud, vice-presidents of the Barca club, asked him to step aside and call elections in a very tense meeting. As it is not an official Board, no minutes are drawn up and there are no formal decisions, but there is one person directly affected. Jaume Masferrer, head of the presidency department, ceases office until the internal investigation ordered by Bartomeu for the I3 Ventures scandal is resolved.The informal Board confirmed that Bartomeu has come out very touched of the scandal of the networks, revealed by the program Què t`hi Jugues of being Catalunya. The president’s explanations, for whom it has been difficult these days to disengage from his responsibility in hiring a service that created Facebook accounts that eroded the image of third parties, including current players of the first team, did not convince the Board as not they had convinced the locker room days before.last_img