Earth breathes on its 50th

first_imgDAILY EXPRESS Spring clean Switching your electricity to a supplyfrom renewable sources such as wind and solar is another way to shrink yourcarbon footprint. Even easier when working from home is to pick a room withlots of natural light so you can minimize power use. Move your money The coronavirus lockdown in India is allowing some residents in the northern state of Punjab to see the Himalayas for the first time in decades. WEATHER.COM With millions told to stay at home orfollow social distancing rules to limit the spread of the coronavirus pandemic,environmentalists say everyone can still take significant green steps without departinghomes. BBC The Department of Agriculture andDepartment of Environment and Natural Resources in the Philippines are alsoencouraging households to engage in gardening. REUTERS “So if it’s the only bit of theenvironment you have easy access to, why not make it a greener place to live?” Rather than binge watch Netflix, playvideo games, or sweat through another exercise class on YouTube, there areplenty of ways to maintain a sustainable lifestyle and keep busy. Wildlifesanctuary BBC Now could be the best chance you’ll everget to clean out the spare room or tidy up the garage. But instead of throwingthings out, refill, reuse and recycle – or give themaway. AS WE give cheers to Earth Day’s 50thanniversary, we can pinpoint a bright spot: humanity has inadvertently givenour bruised planet the best present it could bestow. Alone time. You can also use old glass jars andbottles for keeping homemade salad dressing or holding candles, stationery ormake-up. “Your house or flat is just as much apart of the environment as the Arctic or the Amazon,” said HelleAbelvik-Lawson, a UK-based campaigner at Greenpeace. Reports reveal that China’s air is the cleanestit’s been in decades, and locals in Punjab can see the Himalayas for the firsttime in years. Yosemite is brimming with wildlife unafraid to walk the roadsonce bumper to bumper with families. Here in the Philippines, relief packsinclude canned goods. So better make use of those! Pile up and sell in a nearbyjunkshop after ECQ. Plussome tips on how to be eco-friendly amid lockdown Here are some ideas from noble environmentalgroups for a greener, planet-friendly living under lockdown: You could also think about reworkingyour finances to support environmentally conscious businesses or funds.(with reports from Thomson Reuters Foundation,Newsweek/PN) Whether your home is a city apartment ora house in the countryside, you could try turning your garden, balcony, patio,window sill or doorstep into a haven for animals and insects. Environmental groups around the globehas celebrated the anniversary on Wednesday, using apps, onlineconferences and social media – and are urging climate-conscious individuals to join in, even iflocked up. Food fun  Plant vegetables, herbs and flowers inthe earth or pots to help nourish bees, butterflies and other creatures. Makinga mini-garden can ease stress while working from home – andentertain and educate younger members of the family. A cook-off with friends over a videocall could be a fun way to relieve stress, while eating less meat and moreseasonal vegetable dishes to reduce the carbon footprint of your diet may helpout local growers facing economic hardship. Online activism Blue skies of Shanghai, China on Feb. 22, 2020. PHOTO BY YUSHO CHO Street protests, global climate talksand conferences may have been cancelled or postponed, but you can still haveyour say via social media or video discussions. Whether your cause is single-useplastic, cutting carbon emissions, saving forests or protecting endangeredwildlife, go online and see how you can raise awareness, join virtualgatherings or lobby people in power.   In our end as the living, we couldalways help our planet inhale the love and care it deserves. Don’t forget to make the most ofleftovers too – stock is one good way to use up uneaten chicken or vegetables. Butif you can’t save the food, try composting waste to help with your home gardenand plant leftover seeds to see what emerges.    Shopping for all the food you want maybe a challenge with key baking ingredients like flour in high demand, but you canstill get creative in the kitchen with what is in the cupboards. Plastic or other containers that cannotbe recycled could also come in handy as crafting items for children. Makingtoys or decorations from single-use plastics is a smart way to educate themabout recycling and cutting down on waste.     last_img