Delhi dilemma Commonwealth Games tourists arent booking

first_imgLess than two months from the 2010 Commonwealth Games and Delhi hoteliers are reporting far lower than expected room bookings, prompting some hotels to consider slashing rates for the season.“We had hoped that August would see a jump in bookings but that hasn’t happened yet,” a senior Tourism Ministry official told the Times of India.  “If the trend continues, it could be worrying.”A senior manager of a five star hotel in Delhi claimed to be chasing confirmations of bookings, telling the newspaper, “If you have to chase bookings so close to the Games, there is something wrong.”Investing huge sums into massive infrastructure has put India at the mercy of Commonwealth Games profit that may not eventuate, the newspaper reported. “So much investment has gone into adding inventory… not getting substantial bookings is very bad for the industry,” Federation of Restaurants and Hotels of India President Rajinder Kumar told the newspaper.The Indian Tourism Ministry had reckoned Delhi needed 40,000 additional rooms to cater for the expected 100,000 visitors into the city, however, hotels in Delhi are not yet seeing evidence of strong bookings even this close to the event.“By now half the rooms should have been booked,” Mr Kumar said. “[I]f things don’t look up in the next 20 days, we will have to slash our rates and resort to distress sales. It is better than suffering a dead loss.”Dogged by claims India lacked preparedness and adequate security, the 2010 Commonwealth Games has seen a number of star athletes (and attractions), such as tennis players Lleyton Hewitt and Andy Murray, pull out from the Games.Add this to poor marketing of the event and India is unlikely to see their tourist numbers reach the expected rate, the newspaper reported. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: G.Alast_img